Bubble Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics was created and themed to make going to the dentist fun and easy for kids and their parents, we refer to our office as Destination Dentistry.  We believe that by teaching your children good dental habits at an early age we can positively affect their health, wellness and confidence for the rest of their lives. Our pedodontists and orthodontists are able to provide expert care using the latest technology and provide you and your child oral health education so you can be assured they are receiving the best care possible. 


  • iTero Scanner – digitally scans the mouths of patients creating a three-dimensional dental images in minutes. This 3D image helps our orthodontists diagnose orthodontic problems and develop the best treatment plans.  No more goopy impression trays that are uncomfortable and causes gagging in some patients.
  • Digital Indirect Bonding of Braces– Indirect bonding is a method of applying brackets for braces to the teeth in such a manner that an entire set of braces can be applied in less than an hour.  By using indirect bonding we are able to increase patient comfort and ensure the accuracy of bracket placement for a better outcome. 
  • Digital X-rays: Uses 90% less radiation and provides immediate images to quickly diagnose hidden problems
  • Calming Nitrous Sedation (Laughing Gas): If your child is anxious about dental procedures, Nitrous Oxide is a safe and effective sedative agent we can use to calm your child.
  • Cosmetic “tooth-colored” Fillings: We utilize composite filling material that is white, and bonds with the teeth so that it is hard to tell that a child has even had fillings.
  • Digital Dentistry:  Instead of using a putty filled tray to take a dental impression, which was uncomfortable and caused gagging in some patients, we can digitally scan your child’s mouth in about 90 seconds using our iTero digital scanners.  Not only is it fast and comfortable, it produces better quality models of your teeth and it also providers a quicker turn around time on retainers, Invisalign and braces. 

Comprehensive Children’s Dentistry by Specialists

Not all children’s dentists are specialists. Our pediatric dentists and orthodontist have spent an additional 2-3 years to become specialists in their fields. These additional years are spent training the specialists in the unique needs and care of children. In addition, our pedodontist is board certified as a Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

Our warm, caring and attentive dental team provides a wide range of children’s dental treatments to ensure that your child will develop and maintain beautiful, healthy teeth. With proper and consistent dental treatment, we can not only help to prevent cavities in the future, but also teach your child good habits that will last them a lifetime!


Bubble Dentistry and Orthodontics is a Top 1% Invisalign Provider in North America.  When it comes to Invisalign, who you choose as a provider matters. Our Diamond 1% status means we have the experience and skill to provide exceptional aligner therapy for your child.  
As a patient of Bubble, you can take advantage of traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners for the same fee. We believe that there is no single treatment that corrects every smile, so you can chose the best treatment based on your child’s need and not cost. 

Marine Life Theme

We designed our brand new office with you and your child’s comfort and imagination in mind.  Our Destination Dentistry themed office is full of marine life from the waters of New England.  You and your child will be awestruck when you enter office and walk thru the “underwater” tunnel with a variety of marine life swimming above you. Once you enter the reception area, Balee, our Humpback Whale suspended from the ceiling will great you as well as our harbor seals Frank and George, who are eager to have a selfie taken with you.  Our theme continues in the treatment area with more than 100 fish, dolphins, tuna, stingrays and turtles swimming above you offering your child the feeling of being at the aquarium.   We also live coral reef tanks and Moon Jellyfish tanks to offer a sense of calm and relaxation while at Bubble.

Special Needs Dentistry 

Our pediatric dentists are specialty-trained in treating children with special needs and medically compromised patients. We give these wonderful children the extra attention and understanding that they may need. We deliver care safely, compassionately and with the most fun possible. 

Convenient Office for Busy Parents

We know that life is hectic at times and that parents are always pressed for time.  We offer:

  • Efficiently run paper free office with on-time appointments
  • Complimentary wireless Internet in our reception area. 
  • Beverage bar. 
  • There is a parking lot conveniently located across the street from our office. 
  • We offer early morning appointments before school or work.
  • Numerous breakfast, lunch or snack options within walking distance.

Financial Options

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and offer in house Patient Financing. For longer payment plans we offer  Lending Club dental financing, which is perfect for our orthodontic patients.


Newton Dental Associates works with all private insurance companies. We are happy to submit claims to your private insurance provider on your behalf. Our staff is always ready to support you and answer any questions you may have.

If at any time you have questions about coverage for a future appointment, a member of our front desk staff will submit a pre-treatment estimate to your private insurance company.

Financial Coordinator

We understand it may not always be convenient to make your full payment at the time of service. Other financial arrangements can be made by contacting our Financial Coordinator, before your appointment.

Our Financial Coordinator can help you arrange payment schedules that fit your budget and treatment needs, understand your pre-treatment estimates, and plan your flexible spending or cafeteria plan.

Community and Charitable Involvement

Bubble Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics believes in helping the community, stewardship and giving back.  We have committed 10% of our profits to three local charities. 

  • Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism
  • New England Aquarium
  • Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Please visit our Charities page for more information about these wonderful causes.

Events and Activities

Our support and involvement with the New England Aquarium allows us to offer to our patients and community some amazing benefits.

  • Aquarium admission passes
  • Animal Ambassador Program
  • VIP behind-the-scene tours

We also have patient appreciation events and contests throughout the year to engage you and your child for better oral health. 


Bubble Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics is dedicated to providing your child with the best oral care and education.