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3 Ways to Help Your Child Prevent Cavities

Cavities can be commonly found in children, as their oral hygiene practice may not be at its pique. In order to keep your child’s dentist visits a pleasant one, it’s important that you take as much precaution as possible to prevent cavities from occurring. Continue reading to discover 3 ways to help your child prevent cavities. 

1. Getting Into a Good Routine

Once your child is at the age to develop a morning routine, which happens at different times for all kids, begin their oral hygiene routine. It is important that your child is brushing twice a day, using a toothpaste with fluoride, and flossing regularly. If they find something is stuck between their teeth, you should inform them to use floss to remove it. By doing so, your child will develop good habits in regards to their oral care. You should also be scheduling two appointments per year for your child to have a cleaning done; once every six months. 

2. Utilizing Fluoride

Not only does fluoride help prevent tooth decay, but it can also prevent cavities from forming. Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen the outside of the tooth. It also can kill any bacteria that forms cavities. By incorporating fluoride to your child’s oral habits, you can ensure extra precaution against cavities. 

3. Avoid Excess Sugar

Too much sugar is one of the easiest ways to create cavities. There are certain foods that trigger the growth of a cavity, such as juice, candy, and gummies. If your child wants to avoid cavities, try limiting their sugar intake. You can make this possible by purchasing sugar free juices or sugar free candy as opposed to the ones with sugar. This is a preventative measure against cavities.

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