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Dental Care Services For Disabled Children

Special needs children are those who face challenges with physical or mental development with conditions such as autism or Down syndrome. If you are the parent of a special needs child, it is best to locate a dentist in your area that is well-equipped to handle the barriers that you may encounter during a visit. These practices will create a welcoming environment where your child feels comfortable and understood. 

How is Special Needs Care Different? 

Dental practices that offer tailored treatment for children with special needs will be specifically trained on how to provide the best services for children with conditions. These doctors will learn new approaches on how to properly educate, perform routine care, and treat patients with disabilities to make them more comfortable during the visit. These specialized dental offices will also keep a complete record of your child’s individualized needs, medications, and conditions so they are prepared for your visit. 

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Issues You May Face During Treatment 

Every child is unique and requires a different level of care when receiving dental treatments. Here are some of the common challenges that come along with special needs patients: 

  • Mental barriers include fear of the dentist, anxiety, trouble understanding oral health
  • Language challenges 
  •  Vision and hearing impairments 
  • Limited mobility and office wheelchair accessibility 

Special Needs Care at Bubble Children’s Dentistry

When designing Bubble Dentistry and Orthodontics, it was a top priority of ours to create a space that catered to the needs of disabled children. Our facility offers a calm underwater atmosphere with jellyfish tanks, sea life decorations, and an aquarium theme throughout. Our front desk staff and doctors have undergone in-depth training to provide a specialized and positive experience for you and your child. We ensure that you will receive personalized attention throughout the entirety of your visit to Bubble.  

Technology We Use 

Traditional dental instruments used during procedures can trigger children with special needs and cause them to fear the dentist. Here at Bubble, we provide innovative technology that will make your special needs child feel more comfortable. 

  • Fotona Laser: A needle-free, drill-free, and pain-free device used to perform procedures including cavities, fillings, and many others.
  • i-Tero 3-D Scanner: Digitally scans the mouth to eliminate the use of putty impressions that could cause discomfort. 

Bubble Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics is dedicated to providing your child with the best oral care and education.

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To learn more about Bubble Children’s Dentistry’s special needs services, please contact us at (617) 655- 9410. We are here to talk with you and learn how we can best serve you and your family. 

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