do i have a cavity?

Do I Have a Cavity? Signs & Symptoms

In addition to bacteria in the mouth, frequent snacking, drinking sugary drinks, and not cleaning your teeth well, caries, also known as tooth decay, is caused when food remains on your teeth for too long. Among the world’s most common health issues are cavities and tooth decay, so learn about the warning signs and symptoms below to protect yourself and your child.


Symptoms of Cavities

Cavities present a wide range of symptoms based on their size and location. Symptoms of a cavity may not exist when the cavity is just beginning. The decay may cause one or more of the following symptoms as it gets larger:

  • Pain and sensitivity to cold and heat
  • Sensitive teeth
  • A range from mild to sharp pain when eating or drinking sweet or intense temperatures
  • Small pits or holes visible in the teeth
  • Stains on any surface of the teeth that are brown, black, or white
  • A feeling of discomfort when chewing


What Causes a Cavity?

Tooth decay is the result of gradual erosion of the enamel. Plaque forms as the decay process begins. The film coating your teeth is known as dental plaque. Sugars and starches, along with not brushing your teeth properly, cause cavities. Then, the plaque attacks. Plaque acids are responsible for removing your teeth’ hard, outer enamel by plaque acids. The first stage of cavities begins with the erosion of enamel, which creates tiny holes in the teeth. The process continues over time. As tooth decay develops, the harsh acids and bacteria continue to make their way to the pulp, the inner tooth consisting of your nerves and blood vessels. The pulp then begins to swell and becomes very irritated by the bacteria. Discomfort can escalate outside of the tooth root to the bone.


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