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Prepare for Fall Sports with a Sports Mouth Guard

Is your child participating in a fall sport this school year? Prior to working on their game, consider the benefits of having your child wear a mouth guard. There are numerous different reasons why this could protect your child and their teeth, so continue reading to discover why.

Did You Know…

Approximately 25% of all dental injuries are related to sports. Because of this, the ADA recommends that children, youth, and adults should be wearing a mouth guard while participating in sports. Athletic mouth guards, better known as sports guards, have the ability to protect your teeth, cheeks, lips, and tongue from injuries that could occur during sports. Some of the more intense injuries that result from not having a mouth guard may include jaw injuries, broken teeth, and even concussions.

Their Purpose

Sports guards are actually only needed for the top teeth. Their purpose is to protect the athlete from damage due to impacts towards the face. The top and bottom teeth are prevented from impacting each other directly as a result of a collision. Another factor is that sports guards also protect the soft tissues of the mouth, which is mostly found in the cheeks, from impacts with the teeth. If you choose to get a sports guard for your child, you should be replacing it every 6 months and wash after each use. These can be worn with or without braces, which is great for a child who may or may not need braces. Customized mouth guards will save you money, so be sure to schedule an appointment with Bubble Children’s today for your child to get fitted for a sports guard.


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