Transforming Dental Experiences for Neurodivergent Kids

For many children, a trip to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience. This holds especially true for kids with autism and other sensory disorders. The whirring of dental instruments, the clinical atmosphere, and the presence of strangers in white coats can be overwhelming. However, there’s a place in Newton that’s changing the game and revolutionizing the way kids experience dental care. Welcome to Bubble Children Dentistry and Orthodontics, where a trip to the dentist becomes an adventure filled with wonder and comfort.

Christina Bowers, a parent of a 19-year-old autistic son, knows all too well the challenges of traditional dental visits. “When your kid has sensory issues, there’s an invisible world of hurt that surrounds them,” she shared. Her son’s dental anxiety reached a point where infections required urgent attention, resulting in traumatic visits where he had to be held down.

Then, Christina discovered Bubble Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics in Newton. From the moment they arrived, it was a different world. “When we drove by this place, we thought it was like a play gym or something,” Bowers said. “He immediately came in and was just, like, he unraveled.”

What makes Bubble so unique is its commitment to creating a sensory-friendly environment. As soon as patients walk through the doors, they’re greeted by a mesmerizing moon jellyfish tank, a massive humpback whale suspended from the ceiling, two large aquariums, and soothing underwater sounds playing over speakers. The colors, the ambiance, and the absence of white coats all contribute to a comforting atmosphere designed to ease the anxieties of neurodivergent kids.

“In the hospital, doctors all have white coats,” explains Bubble owner Dr. Anna Berik. “You get shots from people in white coats. And so [neurodivergent kids] learn to identify it with pain, so no white coats here.” This attention to detail is what sets Bubble Children Dentistry apart, making it a safe haven where kids can feel relaxed and secure during their dental visits.

At Bubble, the focus is not only on oral health but also on the emotional well-being of young patients. The staff is trained to understand the unique needs of neurodivergent children, ensuring that every visit is a positive and comfortable experience.

If you’re a parent seeking a dental practice that understands and caters to the needs of neurodivergent children, look no further than Bubble Children Dentistry and Orthodontics. Your child’s comfort and well-being are paramount here, ensuring a dental experience that will put both parents and kids at ease.

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Exerts taken from WBZ 1030 article


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