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Best Orthodontist in Newton, MA

If you’re searching for phenomenal orthodontic services in Newton, MA, you’ve come to the right place. After only being open to the public for a few months, Bubble Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics has made local and national news features. With the right kind of professionals and an intense understanding of orthodontic care, Bubble’s is the place for your children to be. Please continue reading to discover more about our services.


Our Orthodontist in Newton, MA

Dr. Andrew Fraser received his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where he completed honors programs in research, oral radiology, and community oral health. He completed his residency in orthodontics at UCLA, where he was elected chief resident. He published several research articles there, which resulted in his being selected for the Charles R. Morris Research Award. One of his publications was also chosen as required reading for the American Board of Orthodontics Board Exam, a first-time honor for a dental resident. 

Dr. Fraser and the office are an Invisalign Top 1% diamond provider. In order to achieve this designation, a provider has to do over 280 cases a year.  Who you choose as your Orthodontist is crucial, and their experience is a mandatory measure to consider. That being said, working with someone like Dr. Fraser gives you ample reassurance that you’re choosing the best option in the area. Dr. Fraser was also recently chosen as a Massachusetts Dental Society 10 under 10. To qualify for the recognition, dentists must have graduated from dental school within the past 10 years, and have made significant contributions to the profession, their community, and organized dentistry. This is an exceptional award, and we are so proud to have Dr. Fraser on our team.


How To Get Started At Bubble’s

If you’re interested in the orthodontic services we offer at Bubble Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, there are a few different methods you can take to get started. Please feel free to contact our experts. To do so, give us a call at (617) 655-9410, email us at, request an appointment, or schedule a complimentary ortho exam. Your child will receive some of the best care they could imagine from Bubble’s, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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