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How Do You Know If Your Kid Needs Braces?

Whether your child begins to complain about their teeth or if you are aware of the early indicator signs, it is essential to know when your child needs braces. To discover the key factors contributing to the need for braces, continue reading this blog post for more information.


Signs That Indicate Your Kid Needs Orthodontic Treatment

The list below indicates some signs that your child may need braces.

  • Difficulty Biting Down

If your child has a hard time chewing or biting down on their food, this may signify misaligned teeth. You may not notice a misalignment, as they can be extremely subtle to the eye.

  • Grinding Teeth

If your kid grinds their teeth, this may be a sign of misalignment. Furthermore, it can damage teeth and further shift your kid’s jaw if left untreated.

  • Crowded, Blocked, or Misplaced Teeth

Teeth that appear too close together or perhaps overlap can prevent proper care. This may result in your child mouth-breathing or developing a lisp. 


How Can I Prepare My Kid For Braces?

Bubble Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics works alongside children of all ages. Our location has been designed with your kids in mind, making this an enjoyable, comfortable environment for all. Bringing your kid to our pediatric dentistry & orthodontics in Newton, MA, will allow your child to have one of the best dental and orthodontic experiences. Bubble’s will prepare your child for the process of braces so that you can feel at ease.


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Whether you’re looking to schedule a consultation or would like to learn more about the orthodontic services that we provide at Bubble Children’s, we are more than happy to assist. By reaching out to our professionals at Bubble Children’s Dentistry And Orthodontics, we will ensure that your child will have the absolute best experience. To get in contact with us, call (617) 655-9410 or email us at We look forward to assisting your child soon.


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