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How to Clean Your Retainers

Keeping your retainer clean from bacteria and free from odor is crucial for a healthy smile. Many popular and regular teeth-cleaning methods will cause harm to your retainer, as well as your oral microbiome. To discover the proper techniques you can use to keep your retainer clean and fresh, continue reading.


1. Always Keep it Moist

Retainers are designed to function in a wet environment. That means leaving them behind on the counter or on your bedside table can harm your retainers. To ensure that your retainer always maintains proper care, never let your retainer dry out. Keep it in your mouth, submerged in liquids, or its adequate container after bedtime. The best type of water to use to keep your retainer wet is distilled water, as tap water can be found with harmful minerals that will deteriorate your retainers with plaque. 


2. Soak in White Vinegar Once in a While

To ensure that your retainer remains bacteria-free, you can soak it in white vinegar for about 15 minutes. Rinse and soak in distilled water as usual after this process is complete. Not only will the white vinegar remove bacteria, but it will make your retainers look freshly cleaned as well. This process can be done as frequently as once a week up to once a month, depending on how much build-up your retainer receives.


3. Don’t Use Your Toothbrush to Clean it

Brushing with toothbrush bristles can gouge the material of your retainer. Not only does this create a place for bacteria to reside and build, but it can also scrape the retainer itself and cause additional damage to the interior and exterior. Soaking your retainer will clean it, so do not feel the need to scrub and cause more damage additionally.


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