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FAQs About Teeth and Baby Bottles

Baby teeth that are unhealthy can cause permanent damage to their adult counterparts. It is important to remember that adult teeth form just behind the roots of baby teeth, so infections and other problems should be treated before the baby teeth fall out. Read here for answers to frequently asked questions about baby bottles and infants’ teeth.

Why Are Milk Bottles A Concern For Dental Health?

The milk bottle is one of the most common causes of tooth decay in children. As early as infancy, your child can be at risk of tooth decay and other problems due to certain feeding habits. 


Do Baby Bottles Cause Tooth Problems?

Pacifiers and bottles are indeed the cause of tooth decay for your infants. You should, however, keep in mind that it is not the bottles themselves that will damage your child but what they drink from them. Sugars are abundant in drinks like juice, milk, and formula. Baby bottle tooth decay is caused by bacteria feeding off these sugars in your child’s mouth, and the bacteria release acids that damage the teeth. However, other teeth can also be affected by this condition. 


What Problems Arise As A Result Of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Additionally, unhealthy baby teeth can lead to a whole host of other problems for your child. As a result, the child is more likely to develop speech problems and poor eating habits or to have their adult teeth grow crooked.


How Can Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Be Prevented?

The following are criteria that can be guided to prevent tooth decay.


Brush Your Baby’s Teeth

Even if only a single tooth has come in, you should be gently brushing it. Wiping your baby’s gums after each feeding with a soft cloth or gauze is also helpful.


Avoid Bottles At Nighttime

Saliva production decreases when your child sleeps. Therefore, infants given a bottle to sleep with will be exposed to sugars all night without much saliva to rinse away the issue.

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