foods to avoid with braces

Foods to Avoid with Braces

Modern technology has made braces stronger, but being careful not to damage them is still imperative. Certain foods can damage the components of your braces, such as rubber bands, wires, or even the bracket itself. It is essential to avoid all sticky, chewy, or hard foods. Foods with soft consistency are recommended the most for braces since they are gentler on the hardware. Read below to discover a list of foods to avoid. 



Hard and crunchy foods are best to avoid with braces since they can bend wires, loosen bands, or even knock off brackets. Food like popcorn can get easily stuck between your teeth, especially with the kernels that you find there. This can become a hassle and ruin your braces.



Like popcorn, nuts can be tough to eat while you have braces on. The hardness of the nut can knock off brackets or even bend the wires. It would be best if you were highly avoidant of nuts while you’re wearing braces



Sticky foods, like taffy or bubble gum, are not only bad for your oral hygiene and teeth but can also be damaging to your braces. These types of chewy foods can get caught in your braces and make cleaning them a nightmare.



Hard candy is strongly discouraged. Not only is the sugar terrible for your teeth, but the actual action of chewing hard candy can ruin your brackets or wires. 


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