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Preparing a Child with Special Needs for the Dentist

Dental appointments can be overwhelming and stressful for children with special needs, and it’s essential to prepare them as much as possible to ensure a smooth and successful visit. This article offers a step-by-step process for getting ready for your special needs child to see the dentist and getting them comfortable and quiet throughout their dental session.

How to Prepare Your Child with Special Needs for a Dentist Visit

Although most medical practitioners are trained to handle special needs patients, it is crucial to lay out a plan to help your child, you, and the dentist becomes comfortable during the 30 mins-2 hours you might spend in the hospital. These tips include:

Choose a Special Needs-Friendly Dentist

Special needs kids demand attention that only some dentists may choose to accommodate or agree with. Hence, parents should look for the right dentist with enough special needs experience for their child. Such a doctor would be able to brief you about the necessary steps, provide you with some old tricks in the books to get your child comfortable, and also correctly communicate with your child in case they begin to panic during a dental procedure.

Act Out Some Dental Procedures at Home to Familiarize Your Child

Special Needs kids are wary of new activities, senses, and faces. Hence, parents are advised to act out the dental procedures at home so they can feel safe when the actual day begins. Start by brushing their teeth regularly, laying them down with their mouths open, and teaching them basic dental hygiene procedures that would impact them positively. 

You can also get some toy or faux dental tools and explain their use and why they should be in their mouth at a certain period. Once they understand the use of dental instruments and overall dental processes, it will be much easier on the day of their appointment.

Summarize the Dental Procedure 

As you explain the tools and familiarize the procedure to them, you should explain why they are undergoing it. Parents of special needs are tasked with explaining the importance of the dental process to their kids. Ensure you highlight the essence, which would help them feel better, reduce dental pain, and make them feel more beautiful. Kids are more likely to engage in things that would provide them comfort.

Bring a Comfort Toy 

Bring whatever your child could need for comfort. This could be their favorite stuffed toy, action figure, fidget spinner, movie, PlayStation, or any recreational activity that would make them feel better and reduce tension.

How Bubble Dentistry Can Assist

Numerous children with special needs have received assistance from Bubble Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, an orthodontist compassionate toward their needs. Bubble Dentistry is a group of skilled medical practitioners with a wealth of expertise and experience in providing dental services to people with special needs. Here at our office, we do everything possible to make you and your child feel secure and well-cared-for so that you can be confident that your dental appointment will go well. Please give us a call at (617) 655-9410 or request an appointment on our website today.

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