Why Should I Wear My Retainers After Braces?

There are many reasons as to why you should wear your retainer after you get your braces removed. Although the list can go on and on, here are several reasons as to why you should continue keeping up with your teeth post-braces.

They Stabilize Your Bite

After your braces are removed, the tissue and bone around your teeth need time to adapt to their new home. Just like a puzzle piece, you can’t force it to fit into place without all of the edges aligning. Retainers allow the teeth to adjust to the changes made in tooth positioning. They allow your teeth to stabilize in their new arrangement. Once that occurs, the bite can be positioned and adjusted comfortably to your new teeth. 

They Are Crucial for Wisdom Teeth Development

Braces are most commonly worn by preteens and teenagers, as this is when their adult teeth begin to settle in. Since their bodies are still developing and changing around their teeth, wisdom teeth are not fully developed yet. Retainers are crucial for allowing your wisdom teeth to grow into their correct spots, without forcing them into your mouth or better yet becoming impacted. When someone uses their retainer diligently, the necessary space required to maintain their jaw to accommodate new teeth, such as wisdom teeth, is allowed. Constant use of retainers can ensure that the teeth will not shift or become crowded due to lack of space.

They Prevent Your Teeth From Reverting

Your teeth have the natural want to move back to their old position in the months prior to the removal of braces. This is a completely normal situation, as your teeth do not adapt well to being relocated. A retainer can prevent the reversal, as long as it is maintained throughout the correct duration. This can be a few months, years, or for a lifetime, depending on the severity of the relocation.

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