10 under 10 MA award

Congratulate Dr. Josh on his “10 Under 10” Award!

Congratulations to Dr. Joshua Hurlburt for winning the Massachusetts Dental Society 10 Under Ten. 

How Does One Qualify for this Award?

To qualify, dentists must have graduated from dental school in the past ten years, be a current MDS member, and have made a significant contribution to the profession, community, and/or organized dentistry. Members are nominated in the fall, selected by the MDS Membership Committee, and the winners are announced at the Yankee Dental Congress in January. 

What Makes Dr. Josh an Outstanding Recipient

Dr. Josh was recognized for the care, education and commitment he provides for all children, including those on the Autism spectrum. He and the team at Bubble Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics ensure that each patient has a wonderful experience, not just a visit to the dentist.

The spring Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society will feature the winners and the incredible work they are doing to warrant this prestigious award. The MDS congratulates the winners and looks forward to watching them continue impacting the dental profession.

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For more information about Dr. Josh’s “10 Under 10” award, or to schedule your appointment with him, please don’t hesitate to contact our team! We are more than happy to assist. To get started, please call (617) 655-9410 or fill out an online form today.

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